Thursday, January 15, 2009

OSU Football: Washington joins Wells, Hartline

Someone must be feeding the Ohio State underclassmen some seriously poor intelligence on their draft status.

Sure, Beanie Wells' move to "The League" was probably the right one, because with his history of injuries the past two seasons, the big back needed to strike while his stock was still on the up.

However, OSU receiver Brian Hartline and cornerback Donald Washington's decision to make the leap to the pros, seems as silly to me as a skydiver jumping out of a plane with nothing in his hands but an umbrella and a plastic Glad bag.

Now, I've already discussed in another blog why Hartline's decision to go pro was a poor one, so I'll focus on Washington's muck up, instead.

Washington logged just two interceptions in his career with the Buckeyes. Sure, a lot of times you can't base a cornerback's performance strictly by the number of INTs he's snagged. But, when you're playing opposite of Malcolm Jenkins — the nation's top corner, who quarterbacks just flat out avoid throwing toward — grabbing just two picks is totally unacceptable.

Not only is Washington behind Jenkins on everybody's list of top corners in the draft, but he may not even rank in the top 15. Shoot, he isn't even in the top 3 in the state of Ohio. Cincinnati's Mike Mickens and DeAngelo Smith rate higher than Mr. Washington on the majority of scouting boards.

OSU head coach Jim Tressel said that he always tells his players that if they have a chance of being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft that they should probably make the leap.

Don't you think it's strange that Tressel made a public statement about how he was thrilled for Wells and his decision to go pro, but hasn't said a word about either Hartline or Washington and their declaration?