Monday, June 15, 2009


Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel spoke Monday about the recent arrest of Buckeyes' prized recruit, Jaamal Berry.

Speaking before a host of reporters at a Booster golf outing at the OSU Golf Course, the Buckeyes coach said that Berry is quite disappointed with what has transpired, just days before the running back was to arrive on campus in Columbus.

"All he could do was talk about how disappointed and embarrassed he was," Tressel said about his phone conversation with Berry, who is currently in his hometown of Miami, Florida. "He never meant to do anything but good things on behalf of Ohio State and he said, 'here I am, before I even get there, making a mistake and not being where I should be.'

"I know how he feels about it, but now, no matter how you feel about it, we have to go through the process."

Berry was arrested Thursday morning in Miami after Miami-Dade police found more than 28 grams of marijuana in his possession. Berry will appear in court on July 2 in Miami.

Tressel stated that Berry's status as a Buckeye is uncertain at the moment.

"Just waiting to see how this process unfolds," Tressel said. "Hopefully, something happens early this week that gives us a little direction so that we can go to our administration and say, 'we've learned this and we suggest this.' And then obviously we have to do what the whole group needs done."