Friday, August 14, 2009


Here's a few thoughts and quotes I picked up on Thursday in Columbus, during Media Day at Ohio Stadium.

— Freshman running back, Jaamal Berry, was the player who created the most buzz at the event. Every player that I spoke with had nothing but praise for the talented runner from Miami. In fact, quarterback Terrelle Pryor already labeled Berry as "great." Berry spoke about his arrest and vowed to keep his life on the right track.

— Ohio State linebacker, Tyler Moeller, was on hand and although he didn't speak to reporters, he seemed to be in good spirits horsing around with his Buckeye teammates, even though he had a very visible row of staples in his head from the surgical procedure done last week in Columbus.

Lamaar Thomas has taken over for Alex Boone as the team's class clown this year. The speedy sophomore from Maryland was going around during player interviews, cracking jokes and having fun with his teammates. OSU wide receiver, DeVier Posey, even fought back by saying that Thomas was "overrated." Of course, he knew that Thomas was right behind him when he said it. You can tell that the players really love Thomas.

— Seniors' Doug Worthington and Kurt Coleman have taken over for James Laurinaitis, Marcus Freeman and Malcolm Jenkins as the hands down leaders of the defense. They love the fact that they are the elder statesmen of the group.

Terrelle Pryor did run a 4.3 in the 40. In fact, according to head coach Jim Tressel, the speedy time was clocked electronically.

— Wide receiver Ray Small may join the team again on Friday after missing all of camp so far for academic reasons. OSU head coach Jim Tressel said Small may have some in-practice punishment coming the next few days, yikes! (read below).

Here's a few quotes I landed Thursday ...

Terrelle Pryor on his love of Ohio: "This is where I live now. This is my home. It's in my blood now. I love Ohio State football, Scarlet and Gray, and getting wins."

Pryor on his golf game: "My lowest score? I don't know — 84, 85. Me and Andrew Sweat went and played the Scarlet and Gray, and I shot about a three or four-over on the Scarlet and we skipped over and played (the back) nine on the Gray. I hit a bunch of pars on the Scarlet, but I kept screwing up on the back."

Pryor when asked if he would be a great golfer if he dedicated his full time to the game: "Oh yeah. If I really played, I'd be Tiger Woods."

Pryor on how he feels about speaking to the media: "I've been going through it since the tenth grade in high school, ninth grade in high school. It's just second nature now. I'm starting to get a little better talking to you guys right now, I don't know if you can see it? But, I'm more relaxed and laid back a little bit and I can just talk about things with you guys. I'm used to it. I like talking to you people."

Jaamal Berry when asked if he could make an impact this season: "I'm pretty confident. I feel like I can make an impact on the college level as a freshman. It's just a matter of me knowing my plays. When I have that down, then I'll make an impact."

Berry on what he learned after being arrested in June: "I just learned that I need to pick my friends wisely and just hang around the right people, positive people. I need to move forward."

Doug Worthington on being a leader: "I feel that a lot of things are brought to me and I'm trying to take it as best as I can being a leader. I mean, we have a lot of great leaders on this team and the defensive line is a group that a lot of people look forward to being one of the premier groups on the team. I take pride being the leader on the defensive line and a leader on the team."

Worthington on playing Navy in the season opener: "We know that this isn't your typical season opening game. (Navy) is a great team with a lot of potential. They've been the No. 1 rushing team over the last four years. You know they're going to bring in a powerful offense and they're going eager and willing to play us come September 5th."

Kurt Coleman on the Buckeyes overall team speed: "We've had speed in the past, but honestly, I think this is the fastest team I've been around. It's the fastest team I've seen."

Michael Brewster on last season's freshman class: "Everyone knows that we're not short on talent. The only maybe is that we're short on experience. We came here for a reason, we didn't come here for it to be easy. A lot of guys are going to need to step up and have breakout years. I'm excited for guys like Jake (Stoneburner), DeVier (Posey) and Lamaar (Thomas) to get a lot of minutes on the field and see what they can do."

Coach Tressel on Pryor running a 4.3 in the 40: "It doesn't matter whether it's 4.33 or 4.38 — he's fast!"

Tressel on Ray Small returning to practice after academic issues: "He probably wont be doing much of any of that in the next few days, punt returning or wide receiving."

So what will he be doing says Tressel?: "Some activities."

I'm thinking those "activities" will include lots of cardio and calisthenics.