Sunday, September 20, 2009


Photo by D. Dunkle-Hudnell

CLEVELAND — It didn't long to see on Saturday that Ohio State head coach, Jim Tressel, realized that the "miserable" fans — and offensive coaching staff were correct. If the Buckeyes are going to win, they need to take chances.

Tressel allowed the offense to come out with guns blazing, as his quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, went vertical to junior Dane Sanzenbacher on the third play of the opening series for a 76-yard touchdown.

Tressel apparently took the leash off of Pryor and let the star do his thing with both his feet and his arm. Pryor finished the game with 372 yards of offense (262 passing, 110 rushing) and four TD's (3 passing, 1 rushing).

Perhaps the biggest statement that Tressel made in the 38-0 win was letting Pryor run two QB sneak plays, something he hasn't done in two previous games, most notably on a fourth-and-goal at the 1-yard line during the Buckeyes' 18-15 loss last Saturday to Southern California.

Pryor converted both sneak plays in Saturday's win over the Rockets, including one for a TD from, yes — the 1-yard line.

Tressel laughed about it after the game.

"We did, we did (run the sneak twice)," Tressel smiled. "Well, you know the thing I found out, you guys brought up this stuff about emails and all that — well a lot of those emails were from my offensive staff. And so, they must of gotten their point across."

I guess they did.

I'll have more in Monday's edition of The Bryan Times.

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