Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Photo by Darla Dunkle-Hudnell

COLUMBUS — If you think you're following Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace... well ... you're not.

When told by a reporter at his media luncheon on Tuesday that he was following his twitter page, Tressel replied, "You're following the wrong guy."

Tressel said that he hasn't gotten into the whole social networking — via the web — craze. He said, though, that he doesn't prohibit his players from tweeting, but he does warn them that what they say on those sites can greatly affect themselves, their team and in some cases, their families.

"We don't counsel them on what to say or what not to say or 'hey, Terrelle, why don't you go Twitter this and they'll think we're throwing this pass or something,'" Tressel said. "So just good, common sense and that you represent more than yourself, you represent your family and your school and your teammates and your team and college football and all the rest."

Tressel did say that they do have a person who checks out the what's what on the social networking sites that involve OSU and its players.

"We do check all those pictures that are — what's that on — MySpace, Facebook?" Tressel said. "We have a person check that out because you never know who's putting you on where, it might not even be you and that's the hard thing we tell our guys, hey, if you're anywhere near where someone can have a camera phone and you're not doing something appropriate, you might be on record."

As for those folks that are going on those sites posing as Coach Tressel?

"If someone's representing me on Facebook or Twitter," Tressel said. "I hope they're doing a good job because it's not me.

"I don't even know how to spell it."