Monday, December 14, 2009


COLUMBUS — With Alabama, Texas, Cincinnati, Texas Christian and Boise State all finishing the 2009 regular season undefeated, the cries for a college football playoff system have become deafening — biblical even.

Ohio State President Dr. E. Gordon Gee, who has been an outspoken opposition of a college football playoff for quite some time now — even going as far as to say once that "they will wrench a playoff system from my cold, dead hands" — sat down with the media on Monday afternoon at the Fawcett Center in Columbus, to discuss the possibility of a tournament format in the near future.

With all of the controversy surrounding who should be playing in the national championship game this season, has Dr. Gee changed his stance on a playoff? That would be an astounding "NO!"

"It has solidified, actually," Gee said. "My hands have gotten colder."

Gee stated that not only will there not be a college football playoff any time soon, they may revert back to the original bowl system.

"I think it's apparent — we just came back from the Big Ten meetings — that there is no support from among the college presidents in this country for a BCS playoff system," Gee said. "And furthermore, if anything, the sentiment is to move back to the bowl system. I would say that (a playoff) is losing support from the college presidents."

President Barack Obama stated in an interview following his election last year that he would throw his weight around to get a playoff system in place for college football, stating that it is un-American to not give every school an opportunity to win a national title. Congress has even gotten involved since Obama made those statements in November 2008.

However, Dr. Gee doesn't agree with the president and thinks that congress has too much on their plate to be worrying about college football.

"First of all, congress is dealing with this and they have more important issues to deal with than (a college football playoff), I can assure you," Gee said. "Of course, I'm concerned (with possible legislation). I think this is a lot like Rome burning and fiddling and variety of other things. There are serious problems in this country and one of them is not a playoff system."

Gee even went onto say that those who are not involved in the game shouldn't be able to dictate how it's played.

"Couch potatoes in this country, of which I am one, should not be calling the shots for those who play on the field and those who coach," Gee said.

The only problem with Gee's assessment is that the people who are "calling the shots" are not those who play and coach on the field. It is in fact, the "couch potatoes" — or university presidents — who are "calling the shots."

I do agree with Dr. Gee that the sofa spuds are the problem.

In my conversations and dealings with those who play the game of college football, I have yet to run across one athlete who has been opposed to settling the championship on the field. And, I could count on one hand the coaches who would like everything to stay status quo.

"The college football fan doesn't have the responsibility of the institution that I do," Gee said. "I have the responsibility of every student-athlete and the coaches. (The fans) have no responsibility other than turning on the television.

"It's entertainment to them. To me, it is a different thing."

Interesting? So, according to Dr. Gee, it is only entertainment to the fans and not to the university?

Well then, why is it that the university charges such high prices on tickets, if it's not, in fact, "entertainment?"

BUCKS ARE LOOKING HEALTHY — Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel stated Monday that there are no major injuries to announce for the Rose Bowl. The Buckeyes will leave for Pasadena on Christmas night.