Saturday, February 27, 2010


Southern California head coach Lane Kiffin

Now I have seen it all.

Last month, Southern California head football coach Lane Kiffin — who left Tennessee reeling in December after he abruptly resigned for the opening at USC — gave a scholarship offer to a young quarterback prospect from Delaware.

Yeah, I know, when you think of great high school signal callers, the first place you look to is the "Diamond State," right?

Seriously, Delaware has produced such great football players as ... well ... I don't know of any.

But, I digress.

Kiffin offering a player from Delaware isn't what makes this proposal so incredibly funny — and a bit troubling. No, the recruit for whom I am speaking of is David Sills, a seventh grade quarterback from Bear, Delaware.

Yes, you read that correctly — a 13-year old, pimple popping, voice cracking, Degrassi watching seventh grader. Boy, and I can't imagine why Kiffin is 12-21 in his career as a head coach (Oakland Raiders, University of Tennessee).

Of course, Sills accepted the offer from Kiffin and the Trojans, but come on, how can you blame the child? I have no issue with the kid being stoked by the offer.

It would be like Megan Fox asking you if she could be your date to the seventh grade dance. Sure, as a 13-year old, you will have no clue as to what to do with her, but it doesn't really matter because just being seen with her will cement your status as the big man on campus, something extremely important to the adolescent mind.

"I've always imagined in my dream going to USC," Sills told the Wilmington News Journal in Delaware. "All I imagined was playing in the Coliseum. But this is so crazy and out of nowhere."

Sills has always dreamed of going to USC? What is he, like two years removed from having dreams of the boogie man?

However, the youngster is intelligent enough to clearly see that this situation "is so crazy."

I can understand his 13-year old buddies hyping this kid up, but the adults which surround him need to know better.

The first person who needs to feel ashamed is Sills' father, David IV. This is the man who should be protecting his son from people like Steve Clarkson, a quarterback trainer from southern California, who has worked with many former and current USC passers, as well as Sills.

"He is extremely special," Clarkson told the Associated Press. "I first saw it with Jimmy Clausen. If there was a LeBron James in football, Jimmy Clausen would be the one. Then Matt Barkley was sort of second.

"This one (Sills), he is so unique. I thought he was the Tiger Woods of his position."

Wow, what a way to set a "child" up for failure there, Mr. Clarkson.

And what a great way to sell your services. He basically said that "every quarterback who has ever been a client of mine is the next great thing!"

Doesn't Clarkson realize how much a person can change from 13 to 18 years old? Both mentally and physically?

Sills hasn't even lined up under the lights against a base high school defense — let alone a more complex Pac 10 unit — and yet,

Clarkson and Kiffin are ready to lump such expectations on this child that even a fangtooth couldn't handle the pressure.

A "fangtooth" also known as Anoplogaster cornuta, is a creature that lives at depths of about 16,000 feet in the ocean.

But again, I digress.

I just really hope and pray that someone swoops in and protects this child from the vultures. Someone needs to grab this kid and let him know that the people who are tooting his horn right now will be the first to vacate if he doesn't live up to those lofty expectations they have thrust upon him. That they will be the first to abandon him if something better comes along in the next few years.

Need an example, kid?

Just look at the guy who offered you the scholarship.