Monday, March 1, 2010


Photo of Terrelle Pryor by Darla Dunkle-Hudnell

COLUMBUS — After nearly a month following surgery on his injured left knee, Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor has yet to return to the team for offseason workouts.

Sunday in Columbus at an OSU charity function, Pryor explained that there was more to the injury than previously thought.

"We just thought I'd strengthen it," Pryor said. "But when Dr. (Chris) Kaeding went into it, there were a lot of things wrong with it."

The Buckeye star stated that it is extremely difficult not being able to workout with his teammates. The Buckeyes are expected to begin the season in the top five.

"I haven't seen any of (my teammates) work out since I had surgery," Pryor said. "It's just bad because you lose out on getting the leadership in. You have surgery and you're out for four or five weeks. That's the only thing I miss right now."

Pryor said that he even lost a few pounds from his 6-foot-6, 240-pound frame.

"I laid at home for about five days (after surgery) and then I went in and started to do upper body," Pryor said. "My upper body got real weak because I was sitting at home taking pain pills and I lost a lot of weight because I wasn't really eating.

"So, I'm going to start getting back with the team workouts."

Even though Pryor hasn't been able to be with his team, it still hasn't stopped him from preparing mentally for the Buckeyes upcoming season.

"What I'm going to emphasize this year as a quarterback and a leader on the offense — and the defense also — is I'm going to emphasize one game at a time," Pryor said. "So when that game is here we're going to treat it like it's our last game of the season.

"We are going to act like each game is the hardest game we're going to play and if we take that approach and study film better, we'll be better."

Pryor — who said that he will be ready for spring practice on April 1 — and the Buckeyes open the regular season on Thursday, September 2 against Marshall at Ohio Stadium.