Thursday, June 3, 2010


HUBER HEIGHTS — He has a fresh new "Block O" tattooed on his left arm, so you know this commitment is in his blood now.

Huber Heights Wayne quarterback Braxton Miller, in front of students and local fans inside the high school auditorium on Thursday afternoon, selected to play his collegiate football at Ohio State.

Miller, who was joined by his parents on stage, selected the Buckeyes over Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Notre Dame. In fact, he even played a little game with the hats that were on stage, moving Notre Dame's to the side first, followed by Georgia, then Alabama's, before donning the white Ohio State ball cap, with Florida's remaining on the table.

The crowd inside the auditorium erupted with cheers following the announcement, as the Ohio State fight song blasted on the overhead speakers.

Miller stated that it was all about his comfort level with the school.

"(Ohio State) just reminds me of my hometown and Wayne, I really like them a lot," Miller said of his decision. "O-State, I feel like they really wanted me. I'm from Ohio. And the Buckeye fans ... I like them, they're ecstatic, too."

The 6-foot-3, 200-pound signal caller, who still has a year remaining at Wayne, is rated as the No. 1 quarterback — and perhaps overall recruit — in the country.

Instead of delaying his selection until late in the recruiting process like many blue-chip athletes do, he decided that the time to pull the trigger was now.

"I was just wanting to get it out of the way, get it off my chest," Miller said, who was recruited by every major school in the country. "The recruiting process was good, real nice. But I wanted to settle down and be committed to my school."

Miller, who is being looked at as the eventual replacement for current Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor, admitted that the OSU signal caller helped him in the decision making process.

"He gave me some good advice," Miller said of Pryor, who was also heavily recruited out of high school back in 2008. "I asked him how Ohio State was and how did the recruiting process run with you and he said 'it was tough at times.'

"He said a lot was going through his head, he wanted to visit Penn State for his dad and that's what took so long with him. I respect him for that, doing that for his pops. But he said Ohio State is the best school that he ever visited and that Coach Sis (Nick Siciliano) is a heck of a guy and a heck of a quarterback coach. He said Coach Tress (Jim Tressel) and the staff is his guiding light and he just left it there."

With Miller in the fold at Ohio State, his job now is to become head of recruiting for Tressel and the Buckeyes. And of course, the main target now will be Springfield linebacker Trey DePriest, who is rated as the top in the nation at his position, as well.

Miller and DePriest are best friends, by the way.

"I'm going to be like, you know, you're an Ohio kid," Miller said of how he's going to recruit DePriest. "You want to be a national champion? Then come and stay with your boy, get a room with me and it'll be all good."

"If he picks another college, oh well, he's a good kid," Miller smiled. "I love him, he's my best friend that I roll with, we've been playing since pee wee ball. We went undefeated every year."

DePriest is rumored to have Ohio State and Alabama neck-and-neck, with the Tide possibly holding the advantage. Well, that was until Miller put on the Ohio State lid Thursday.

Miller stated that he will be graduating from Wayne this winter so that he will be on campus at Ohio State in time for spring practice in 2011.

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