Tuesday, August 3, 2010


LAKEWOOD — St. Edward junior offensive tackle Kyle Kalis may just be the best player in the country at his position for the class of 2012.

(left, Kalis)

Kalis, who already has an NFL body (6-5, 305), can be described in just one word — nasty. His tenacious style of play to go along with that massive size, makes the St. Ed's Eagle a certified blue chip talent that has schools all across the country chomping at the bit to land the young tackle from northeast Ohio.

Kalis started eight games at right tackle as a sophomore in 2009 for St. Edward, and will be looking to help lead the team back to greatness.

Of course many Ohio State fans want to know, are the Buckeyes on his radar? Is this star prospect interested in playing in Columbus? Keep reading, you'll like what he has to say!

Kalis took time to talk with The Buckeye Times on Sunday for this edition of "The Whole Nine" — nine questions that give Buckeye fans a little more insight into the recruit, both on and off the field.

The Buckeye Times: In terms of interest, where does Ohio State stand for you right now in the recruiting process?
Kyle Kalis: Right now Ohio State probably holds the most interest from me. They were really the first school that displayed interest in me as a sophomore and I've stayed close with the coaching staff ever since.

TBT: What is it about Ohio State that you like?
Kalis: What I like about Ohio State is the great family environment they have there and also the coaches. Everytime I go down there it feels like I'm stepping into greatness and a close bond between the players and coaches. The coaching staff is amazing.

I think Coach (Jim) Bollman is as good of an offensive line coach as there is in college football today. And not to mention Coach Tressel's amazing bond with the players.

TBT: Which college team are you a fan of, if any?
Kalis: I am a huge fan of Ohio State. Always was and always will be.

TBT: Are there any players you try to pattern your style after?
Kalis: I wouldn't say that there are any players that I try to pattern my game after, but I do try to watch as much film and football games as I can to pick up little tricks and also learn not what to do.

TBT: What does Kyle Kalis bring to a football team?
Kalis: What I bring to a football team is passion and aggression on the field, and then also my leadership ability. When I'm on the field I try to be the nastiest player out there and drive someone into the ground every chance I get. I'm not only a vocal leader, but I'm someone who leads by example as well.

TBT: What are some individual goals you have set for yourself?
Kalis: Goals that I have set for myself are to just keep outdoing myself and become the best person and football player I'm capable of being.

TBT: What others schools are you excited about?
Kalis: I've pretty much heard from every Big Ten school and a lot of SEC teams, but I get excited at all of them. It's always been my dream to play college football — and hopefully further — and to be in the middle of the recruiting process and how I'm being successful is just a dream come true.

TBT: What are some of your interests off the field?
Kalis: Lifting, hanging out with family and friends, and playing tennis, basketball and drawing.

TBT: What are your plans in case football doesn't work out?
Kalis: My goals if football doesn't work out — because everyone knows that you can't play forever — are in architecture. Hopefully in college I'll be able to get my major in architecture and get a minor in art. That would be perfect for me.

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