Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Photo of Leonard Hankerson by
CHEKWA ON HANKERSON ... One of the notable match-ups for this Saturday's tilt between No. 2 Ohio State and No. 12 Miami will be out on the edge where Buckeyes senior cornerback Chimdi Chekwa will showdown with Hurricanes star receiver Leonard Hankerson.

Hankerson is big (6-3, 205), fast, and can make catches anywhere on the field — sort of an Andre Johnson type — and has already made his presence felt this season, recording six receptions for 115 yards and two scores in Miami's opener against Florida A&M last Thursday night.

Chekwa knows exactly what he's going up against this Saturday in the Horseshoe.

"Hankerson does a great job out there," Chekwa said. "He makes some great catches, and then after he makes the catch he can do something with it."

ROD SMITH IS FINALLY IN THE HOUSE ... Ohio State true freshman tailback Rod Smith is finally in camp and practicing with the team after having to wait on clearance by the NCAA (academic reasons).

With Smith behind in reps, as well as a stable of backs, a redshirt would seem to be the logical step, right?

"He's not an automatic redshirt," Tressel said of Smith. "I think conventional thinking, because he missed all of preseason, would be I don't know if he could not get enough reps now to be able to earn the right to go in before someone else. But you never know with injuries and so forth."

Tressel did say though that young runner has been impressive in practice.

"I thought he looked good," Tressel said. "Now, maybe it was because he had fresh legs and everyone else has training camp legs and so forth, but Sunday I thought he was flying around, he's got a smile on his face, he's happy to be here.

"You've got to handle diversity, sometimes you get a little bit of a delay or hiccup or whatever. He causght the ball in the backfield once or twice on Sunday. I'm anxious to see him."

INJURY UPDATE ... Obviously going up against a team of Miami's caliber the main question this week is health, most notably safety Orhian Johnson (calf) and defensive end Nathan Williams (knee).

"Orhian Johnson is 100 percent," Tressel said. "He's been going. We didn't play him much because he didn't practice in the recently going into the game (against Marshall).

"Nate practiced some Sunday. He'll practice today."

Of course, Tressel admits that they want to be careful the pass rushing Williams.

"I think the thing that you have to be careful with is guys that miss some training camp and all of a sudden if you think they can go out there and play 50 some snaps. I think you're risking a little bit," Tressel said. "So what we have to figure out in the course of the week is just how many snaps is he ready to go.

"He seems to be ready to go," Tressel continued about Williams. "He's excited and he says he wants to go. And now we'll see how it goes this afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday."

KENNY GUITON IS JACORY HARRIS THIS WEEK ... Ohio State redshirt freshman quarterback Kenny Guiton will surely be playing the role of Miami's Jacory Harris this week during practice.

Guiton has similar attributes as Harris and has been giving the Buckeyes defense some good looks thus far on the prep team.

"You do as well as you can with your personnel," Tressel said about preparing for Harris. "Kenny Guiton a week ago was the scout team player of the week and gave us a great look, and needs to do the same (this week)."