Friday, December 3, 2010


Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee, right. (The Buckeye Times/Darla Dunkle-Hudnell)
There have been a lot of people across the country giving Ohio State University president E. Gordon Gee a hard time for his "we do not play the little sisters of the poor" comment about Boise State and other non-AQ schools, who feel they should get equal treatment in the Bowl Championship Series.

Gee recently backed off of his statement —and even poked fun at himself saying that he looks like Orville Redenbacher — but not before Boise State president Bob Kustra blasted the Buckeye prez, insinuating that BCS conference teams — most notably Ohio State — punk out when it comes to scheduling games.

"The formula these days for BCS teams is get seven or eight home games, play one non-conference game against a team from another BCS league, schedule three or four patsies and try not to leave the state if you can help it," Kustra said.

Well, Gee may not say it but I sure will ... playing three or four patsies is a heck of a lot better than playing 10.

Boise State insists on sitting at the "big boy's" table, but still wants to converse with their "little sisters."

The Broncos 2010 schedule consisted of Hawaii, Toledo, Fresno State, Louisiana Tech, Idaho, Utah State, Wyoming, New Mexico State and San Jose State. Sprinkle in two BCS conference games against a mediocre Virginia Tech and a less than average Oregon State, and then tout fellow little sister, Nevada, as a quality opponent — even though they beat just one BCS team this season (5-7 California) — and that's suppose to be a BCS championship resume? Really?

I'm not saying you have to get all A's to get into Yale, but you sure as heck better have some honor classes on your transcript. Boise State wants to get a full ride after acing remedial english and basic algebra. Not gonna happen.

As for the strength of schedule being similar between the Buckeyes and Broncos, per Jeff Sagarin rankings — which is a whole other conversation for a later time — that's just simply not true.

Sure, the overall records of each team's opponents are very similar — Ohio State 72-71, Boise State 70-70 — but that's where it ends.

Boise State falls to Nevada
(AP Photo/Cathleen Allison)
Out of the 12 teams on Boise State's schedule this season, the Broncos opposition only recorded 15 wins against BCS conference squads — and eight of those came from Virginia Tech. In fact, four of the remaining seven wins came from Oregon State, while Nevada, Toledo and Fresno State accounted for one victory apiece.

And out of those 15 BCS conference wins, only eight were against bowl eligible teams. Seven of Boise State's opponents didn't even record a defeat against BCS competition.

Ohio State, on the other hand, played just three teams — or shall I say "patsies" — who went 0-for-BCS.

However, out of the nine remaining teams on the Buckeyes' 2010 docket, the opposition defeated 36 BCS teams, including 23 bowl eligible squads. The opponent's winning percentage against BCS competition was also better than Boise State's by 3.2 percent.

But the Broncos still insist they belong because they beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl nearly four years ago, and Texas Christian — another "little sister" — last season. Well, Appalachian State beat Michigan in 2007, but that doesn't mean the Mountaineers should start making reservations for Glendale any time soon.

Seriously, comparing Ohio State and Boise State is like comparing Gonzaga and North Carolina in basketball. Sure, the Zags made a run to the elite eight 11 years ago, but that doesn't put their program on a par with the Heels who have won five national titles and appeared in 18 final fours.

The Buckeyes have won five BCS bowl games — since the system was implemented in 1998 — including a national championship. A win against an overrated Oklahoma team in 2007 doesn't make things even, Boise State. Sorry!

Look, if Boise State wants to get with the big boys, then they need to play the big boys. And leaving the WAC for the Mountain West isn't exactly stepping up your game, Broncos.

"I don't mind somebody stating that they don't think we ought to be in the national championship," Kustra said. "But to do it with such erroneous information as Gordon Gee has used gets under the skin of all of us who thought university presidents were supposed to be standing for fairness, equality and truth."

Sorry Bobby, but Orville IS speaking the "truth" ... it just hurts sometimes to hear it.