Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Jim Tressel
(AP/Terry Gilliam)
COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel addressed the media for the Buckeyes spring football preview on Wednesday afternoon in Columbus, but of course it wasn't all about X's and O's.

Tressel, who will be suspended for the first five games of the 2011 regular season for withholding information about player violations, spoke a little bit about what the past few months have been like for himself, as well as apologizing once again for his costly mistakes.

"It's obviously been a difficult past couple of months," Tressel said Wednesday. "I think the largest regrets I've had in my life is when I've disappointed people and let people down. Certainly in this particular situation, the mistakes I've made have been very disappointing and I'm certainly sorry for that."

Tressel also addressed the rumors going around that he has thought of resigning as head coach.

"I don't know where those (rumors) are swirling, but I have never had that thought," Tressel said about possibly stepping down. "I thought Luke (Fickell) did a great job of expressing what we think is important ... it's these kids.

"Whether you have personal discomfort or make personal mistakes or whatever, (resigning) wouldn't be something that would jump into my mind unless there came a point in time where I thought, 'you know what, the best thing for those kids would be if I do (step down).'

"I don't feel that way."

The Buckeyes coach said that the most inspirational people through all of this drama have been Terrelle Pryor, Dan Herron, Mike Adams, DeVier Posey and Solomon Thomas — the five Ohio State players who will be joining Tressel at home during the first five games of the season due to NCAA sanctions.

"Interestingly enough, probably as strong an inspiration I've gotten is from the five young guys that will be facing sanctions," Tressel said. "They were in a period for a while, kind of waiting to see what the final results were going to be ... it was amazing watching their leadership (in winter workouts) and watching their attitude in the midst of going into their senior year with sanctions inevitable.

"Just watching they way they led, quite honestly, I was amazed."

The Buckeyes will begin spring practice on Thursday.