Friday, September 9, 2011


Here is The Buckeye Times' Twitter question of the day for Friday, September 9 ...

"With all four tailbacks — Jordan Hall, Jaamal Berry, Carlos Hyde and Rod Smith — available for Ohio State, who do you want to see get the most totes against Toledo on Saturday?"

Here are some answers from the tweeters ...

Johnny Lunsford
@TheBuckeyeTimes Jordan Hall, his experience and almost 5.0 ypc in 09 should count for something.

paul allen
@TheBuckeyeTimes rod smith although I been waiting to see berry and if he is really what tres thought he was...?

Spencer Pannabecker
@TheBuckeyeTimes I want to see rod smith get most of the work. I feel he will be the most dynamic as the season goes on. He needs touches

stadium guy
@TheBuckeyeTimes I want Hyde & Smith to split carries with Berry also in the mix, J. Hall on ST & late 4th quarter carries only

chris hunt
@TheBuckeyeTimes I want to see Carlos get the most totes, but J Hall be our receptions leader and 2nd leading carrier

@TheBuckeyeTimes Jaamal Berry bcuz the of speed and wow factor..can take it to da house ne time..

Felipe Emura
@TheBuckeyeTimes J Berry, although all are good, J Berry has the most up side, hes a threat for 6 everytime he tots

It's Miller Time
@TheBuckeyeTimes I want a good look at Hall & Berry. Haven't seen them with the 1st team much, if at all!