Monday, January 28, 2013


Ezekiel Elliott
In the world of college football recruiting, the words "verbal commitment," is like a high school girl saying, "OMG, I'm in love."

Each are uttered frequently, many carry little lasting value.

The truth is, when you are dealing with 17- and 18-year old KIDS, you can't rely on their word as gospel. They make impulse decisions. They think the entire world resides in the moment. I mean, I have a 17-year old niece who has had a "love of my life" three times in the past three months for crying out loud.

It always has been and always will be that way with KIDS.

So, when Ezekiel Elliott — a high school football recruit from St. Louis, who's already given his "verbal commitment" to Ohio State — decides to visit the University of Missouri over the weekend, I don't tweet that he is not being a man of his word. Because one, I think it's pathetic for an adult to contact a high school athlete on Twitter. And two, he's not a "man" ... he's still a KID. Let's get a grip, people.

He has received so much attention for his visit to Mizzou that he has had to post some strong tweets in the past few days:

"Don't tweet or DM my mother about anything regarding my recruiting or visit to Mizzou," Elliott stated on Jan. 23. "If you have any questions, ask me."

And following his visit to Missouri ...

"Don't start calling and texting my phone. I'm not doing interviews today." Elliott posted on Twitter Sunday."

Same thing has happened to Desoto (TX) running back Dontre Wilson, who had previously offered his "verbal commitment" to the University of Oregon, but traveled to Columbus to visit Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes on Friday and Saturday.

Wilson has received flack from the fans of Oregon — sadly, most from adult grown men — for visiting Columbus. 

"Phil Knight's got a $1 for you. Or go roll some pennies. Subways hiring." tweeted an Oregon fan who goes by the handle @GatsbyEmpire.

And after not switching his "verbal commitment" over the weekend to the Buckeyes, now fans of the scarlet and gray — again, adult grown men — are hassling him via Twitter.

"Does OSU Buckeye recruit 2013 RB-ATH Dontre Wilson understand that Oregon is going to get (expletive) by NCAA?" tweeted a person with the handle @TheShoeAtOSU.

I don't think anyone at Ohio State should be using that N-word, do you?

My father always taught me that when you are dealing with KIDS, there must always be an adult in the equation.

Apparently, my dad knows nothing about the world of college football recruiting.