Saturday, November 9, 2013


Urban Meyer is 21-0 at Ohio State (AP)
Ohio State has been victorious in 21 straight games, beating their opposition by an average of 22 points per contest — 31 in 2013. They also possess an offense and defense which ranks in the top 10 nationally amongst FBS schools.

No team in the country has won as many consecutive tilts as the Buckeyes have, and only Florida State can share the honor with OSU of having a top-10 unit on each side of the football.

From a talent standpoint, not many can match the Buckeyes from top to bottom.

The Buckeyes have one of the most dynamic players in all of college football in quarterback Braxton Miller — who even after missing three games this season due to injury has totaled 1,726 yards, 17 touchdowns, a completion percentage of 72.5, and a QB efficiency rating of 175.9 (6th in FBS).

Combine Miller with perhaps the best tailback in the nation in Carlos Hyde — who has rushed for 575 yards and seven touchdowns in the past four games — as well as a plethora of play-makers on the edges, an offensive line that may be the best in the land, a defensive unit which is young, fast and improving dramatically each time out and you have the recipe for a January winner.

Add in two-time BCS title winning head coach Urban Meyer, who is 21-0 at Ohio State, and you have the ingredients of a champion.

However, the Buckeyes aren't treated like a talent-rich, hall of fame coached team by most in the media. In fact, listen to the ESPN talking heads gab about Ohio State and you'd think they were the last place team in the MEAC, not winners of a nation's best 21 straight.

They talk about Ohio State's schedule being "weak" and not worthy of top three consideration. Says who? Those same talking heads? 

Here's a few fun facts for those pundits to chew on about the schedules and outcomes of those in the current BCS top four (Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State):

— Victories against FBS "winning" teams: Alabama 3, Florida State 3, Oregon 2 ... Ohio State 4.

— Victories against top-13 ranked FBS defenses: Alabama 1, Florida State 0, Oregon 0 ... Ohio State 2.

According to the Jeff Sagarin (non-BCS ELO formula) rankings, Ohio State is the only team in the top five (Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, Ohio State, Baylor) that has defeated a top 10 team. Yes, Wisconsin is ranked sixth. Computers don't possess the same bias as those in the media. Just facts.

Speaking of bias, according to a computer format used in the BCS rankings, which is actually called "Colley's Bias Free Matrix Rankings," Ohio State is rated the No. 2 team in the nation — only behind Florida State.

According to another BCS computer — Richard Billingsley — the Buckeyes have a stronger strength of schedule than Alabama and Oregon. 

No! That certainly can't be true, right? I mean, Mark May, Jesse Palmer and David Pollack all said Ohio State is unworthy of elite status.

Apparently the unbiased eyes (computers) disagree.

Moral of the story? ...

Ohio State belongs.