Monday, December 22, 2014


Sometimes things in life can be better, but not good enough.

That's how I view the current College Football Playoff. 

Sure, Ohio State reaching the top four has generated a ton of excitement in the Buckeye State, and yes, the current system is much better than the old Bowl Championship Series. However, it is still lacking greatly and I am just wondering why it is such a monumental effort to give the best teams — all of them — a shot at the title.

It is not as difficult a task as one would think.

You see, there are five conferences in the FBS that are recognized as powers — SEC, PAC 12, Big Ten, Big 12 and ACC.

Why not keep the current committee rankings in place, allow each of the power conference champions an automatic bid, and select the three highest ranked non-conference winners a shot as at-large to round out an eight-team tournament. It would only add a week to the post-season, and would eliminate the guessing and endless debating as to which teams actually belong.

It's simple ... win your conference, or start praying that you are one of the remaining three at season's end.

Here's what the tournament would look like this season if my proposed system was in place:

1. Alabama (SEC champ) vs. 8. Michigan State (at-large)
4. Ohio State (Big Ten champ) vs. 5. Baylor (Big 12 champ)
2. Oregon (PAC 12 champ) vs. 7. Mississippi State (at-large)
3. Florida State (ACC champ) vs. 6. TCU (at-large)

This system would have squashed the debate about Baylor and TCU belonging, and would even add a second SEC West squad and a deserving Michigan State team whose only losses this season are to No. 2 Oregon and No. 4 Ohio State.

Hopefully it doesn't take the NCAA another 17 years to make an upgrade.